A grassroots campaign needs grassroots supporters. We're proud of the endorsements we've received, and would appreciate yours as well!


UAW Sandusky Area CAP Council

United Auto Workers Region 2-B

Melissa Cropper, President

Ohio Federation of Teachers

Kevin Garvey, President

United Food and Commercial Workers Local 75

It is a pleasure to inform you that working men and women of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 75 have endorsed your candidacy for Ohio House District 89, as recommended by our Executive Officers and Legislative and Political Department. This endorsement acknowledges your interest in the issues affecting workers and your commitment to addressing the needs of all hard-working men and women. Best wishes in your campaign!
JoAnne Johntony, President


Stuart Gardner, Chairman

Sheet Metal | Air | Rail | Transportation - SMART Transportation Division

The Executive Committee of the Ohio State Legislative Board, Sheet Metal, Air, Rain and Transportation Workers - Transportation Division (SMART-TD), a union that represents railroad operating personnel in Ohio, has endorsed your candidacy for State House of Representatives in the 2018 General Election. It is our belief that if you are elected, you will take into consideration the concerns of our union and its membership and allow the general public to provide you with information that will permit you to make sound judgement decisions. Sincerely and respectfully yours, Stuart Gardner, Chairman


John Soltz, Iraq Veteran & Chairman



Brunner Craig, Member

Mom's Demand Action

Arielle Swernoff, Executive Director


Charles Yeganian, Director

Leap Forward

Margaret McLaughlin, Political Coordinator

PCCC Bold Champion


At EveryDistrict, we believe that Democrats can run competitive campaigns in every district at the state level. We aim to rebuild the Democratic Party by wining power back at the state level through better data and better approaches to fundraising. EveryDistrict endorses candidates in competitive districts that are committed to moving their communities forward, have strong connections to their districts, and have a campaign strategy in place to win.

Bluewave Crowdsource

Women's Health Organization

Iris E. Harvey, President/CEO

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio

We offer this endorsement in support of your efforts to protect the rights of all Ohioans to have access to reproductive health care, sex education, and the constitutionally guaranteed right to safe and legal abortion - no matter what.



President, CEO Lakefront Cargo LLC

LeeAnne Crawford

Lakefront Cargo is proud to endorse Joe Helle for State Representative! We've been following his campaign from the beginning and know how passionate he is about helping families and small businesses in Ohio. We look forward to seeing many more great things from him!
Owners, Bayou Creek Farmstead

Larry & Jennifer Heggie

Thank You Joe for all you've done to help Oak Harbor's residents. Your passion for our community's well being shows every time we have met, and your willingness to help anyone who asks is appreciated by so many. Time for change is now and we stand behind you in moving on to help on an even larger scale.
Landlord and Union Supporter

Matt Weaver

Great conversation with Joe a few weeks ago! We share many of the same thoughts.


Office of Franciscan Secular

Tom Clark

Joe Helle will be a compassionate and strong leader for NW Ohio. Someone who will work for the people and not special interests.


Recording Secretary, UAW 1216

Sean McFarlan

Local 1216 Education Committee Chair and Chair Trustee, Tri County CAP Financial Secretary

Paulina Crawford-Gerber

I proudly endorse Joe Helle! Talking to him I feel he will fully support workers rights and fight for a fair platform for us to make a living and bridge the gap between poverty and the top 1%. I see Joe as someone who is not going to disconnect from his community, but do what we voice to him to do on behalf of us. He's very personable and stated he would gladly stand with workers on strike or picketing if we ever asked him to stand with us.
Friend & Supporter

Michelle Murray

Attorney, Murray and Murray

Jim Murray


Sheila Fick

I am proud to endorse Joe Helle.

Grant Harding


Cynthia Roepke

Give Em Helle!

Mary Ward

Retired Teacher

Linda Smith

Joe Helle has my full support!

Betsy Moore

I don't live in Joe's district but would vote for him if I did. He's dedicated to solving the problems in his district. I believe he can get it done! He works hard for the people!

Vicki Goetz


Kimberly Cooper

A breath of fresh air!

Donna Leuke


Mary Ward

Wishing you the best!
Friend and Supporter

Amy Grubbe

As Mayor of Oak Harbor, Joe has worked hard and been transparent with community members. During recent flooding, Joe was in basements helping those in his community affected. He will provide the same dedication and community service as State Representative. #GiveEmHelle!
Local 913 Retiree

Connie Porter

We need Joe in Columbus!
Candidate for State Senate District 17

Scott Dailey

Give them Helle!
Member Ohio Democratic Party Executive Committee

Adrienne Hines

Proud to endorse Joe Helle for the Ohio Legislature, 89th House District. #GiveEmHelle.
Former Sandusky City Commissioner

Julie Farrar

Joe Helle is just what we need in a time lime this! He is motivated, hard working, compassionate and cares about people.

Gina Fanni

It is time to fill the statehouse with everyday people- who will fight for everyday people.

Harrt Edwards

Partner, Kademenos Wisehart Hines Dolyk & Zeiher Co, LPA

Kevin Zeiher

I wholeheartedly endorse and support Joe Helle for State Representative.
Retired Secretary/Treasurer Laborers Local 480

Tim Dunlap

Joe is truly looking out for the working men and women.

Chris Gastier

People over politics!

Tyrus Burgess

President Erie County Board of Health; Retired Educator; Care and Share Director

Linda Miller-Moore

Joe is a candidate of the people and for the people. He speaks for all of us and about issues that we all care about. Vote Joe!

Bryan Emogene

We need fresh, energetic people with new ideas. Joe Helle is that person!

Kelli Brown

I believe in Joe Helle. He's been getting out there and talking to the residents of his district. He listens, talks through the issues with you and is a common sense representative. He remembers that his employer is us, the constituents. This is MUCH more than I can say for Joe's competitor.

Sandra Brown

Joe displays the attributes needed to effectively represent the citizens of the 89th District!
Retired Professor

Dr. Arnold Oliver

Ohio really needs Joe's brand of progressive politics! For openers, no more charter school or payday lender thievery!!